10 Useful Travel Tips for Dog Owners

10 Useful Travel Tips for Dog Owners

For frequent travelers and dog owners, we have some additional responsibilities when preparing for a trip. Not only do we need to prepare ourselves for traveling, we need to prepare our pets for our time away. This usually involves finding a sitter or making a reservation at doggie daycare. Plus, ensuring health and safety matters are addressed accordingly. Here’s a list you might find helpful

1. Find your sitter

2. Update all vaccinations before you leave

3. Make sure your dog is fresh and well-groomed

4. Have enough medications to last the duration of your trip

5. Take a few minutes to write down instructions

6. Leave emergency numbers and vet’s address 

7. Communicate expectations if your dog becomes injured

8. Have a backup plan

9. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

I know we all worry about how our dogs are doing while we’re on vacation. We wonder if they are eating okay, if they are getting along with the other dogs, if they are happy, and on and on. It’s good that you do this, it means you are a good pet owner who loves their dog and is concerned about their well-being. But just remember, your dog needs a change of scenery every now and then. Chances are that your dog is happily playing with his new friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the smells of his new surroundings.

10. Just relax and enjoy yourself