"We Don't Run with The Big Dogs" 

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Pet parents may select from two different suite accommodations. Our suites provide your pet a comfortable stay with first-class amenities. Including free daycare, a spacious suite, outside playtime, comfy beds, rooms cleaned twice a day, meals prepared just like at home, and fresh water at all times. They may even enjoy a bedtime snack. We can also combine your fur babies in the same suite if you choose. Check in by 10:00am and check out 12:00 noon. *Saturday & *Monday pick up either 8:00am or 4:30 pm. Closed on Sunday *Multi pet family discount 

The Clubhouse or The Royal Suite

Clubhouse Crate Suite 

$30 per night 

Luxury Royal Suite

$35 per night


If a Frequent Traveler-ask about our package

Both Royal & Clubhouse monitored by security cameras