"We Don't Run with The Big Dogs" 

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Our Resort and Our Mission

WHY small breed only facility? As animal caregivers to all types of breeds, shapes and sizes, we are aware that the smaller four-legged babies seem to require just a little more. Their little bodies tend to experience anxiety and stress. The anxiety and stress can be overwhelming,  especially when it comes from separation, loud noises or maybe intimidation from a larger four-legged buddy.  We say they deserve the extra attention in a stress-free environment while away from home. It is also a challenge for the parent to find a caregiver they can trust and provide a secure and safe place for their fur baby. It can 

also be very stressful for parent making it hard to enjoy time away or focus on daily responsibilities. That is where we come in!

Tiny Paws Resort has a goal to provide the “just like home” atmosphere. We provide a home with free range play in our secured indoor/outdoor play area through-out the whole day,  and little things like plush pillows in crates with privacy drapes to help them feel secure and cozy while they rest, and offer crate free open suites with plush bedding on raised beds. Not to mention playing and getting their exercise with the same size screened buddies. We make sure all are compatible. Plus… LOTS of cuddling and attention all day and every day.

THIS IS WHY! “We Don’t Run with The Big Dogs”  

Goal Stress-free Relaxation